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The BC Automotive Glass Alliance was formed in the summer of 2018 in response to a series of short sighted moves by ICBC that have put both the driving public and the future of independent automotive glass retailers in serious jeopardy.

In its inception the BCAGA will create awareness through various mediums including the public at large, Industry Stake Holders, the media, ICBC, and the Government of BC. The BCAGA clearly sees how the Auto Glass Industry is the solution and not the problem. It is unsettling how the Government and ICBC appear to be ill informed as to the obvious benefits of working with this Industry. What transpired on May 1st, with an announcement by ICBC and implemented just one month later clearly demonstrates a complete disregard for public safety by the decision makers that initiated this action. The BCAGA will ensure that the individuals behind what came into effect on June 4th are identified and provided with all the facts they require to recognize the error in this decision. It is the hope of the BC Auto Glass Alliance that the Government and ICBC are altruistic and motivated to save ICBC money, invest in a skilled Government Certified Trade, and most importantly save lives!

The BCAGA is of the position that having provided the necessary background, data, and unique proposition that the Automotive Glass Industry is in that the Government and ICBC will align what they stand for with our industry. It is our hope that, in recognizing these facts, the Government and ICBC will ensure that they embrace, engage, and support our Industry taking significant steps to ensuring it’s able to survive short term, and also implement a long-term plan for the industry to be healthy and strong.

However, if this outcome is unattainable for reasons that cannot be imagined, the BCAGA will ensure that the individuals who are in a position to ensure the safety of the public at large and provide long term solutions and savings to ICBC are identified so that these people can be held liable instead of the Auto Glass businesses. The facts and data provided to them will be of public record. The BCAGA, knowing the importance behind this skilled trade, will not compromise itself in fear of retribution from ICBC and the Government. BCAGA is unwilling to be willfully blind and negligent and is also unwilling to allow the individuals who are in a position to ensure that lives are saved to ignore these facts.

The BCAGA is proud of our Industry; our Government Certified Installers working within it; and the job we perform in keeping the public safe. For over 20 years this skilled trade has been certified by the Government of BC and is the only jurisdiction in North America that has Government Certified Auto Glass Installers. This unique situation ensures that our Industry can work with the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Claire Trevena; Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Mike Farnworth; Minister of Jobs, Trade, and Technology, Bruce Ralston; Minister in charge of ICBC, Attorney General, David Ebby; ICBC; and the Premier John Horgan.

The fact is, ICBC and the Government are responsible for road safety, skilled jobs, and sound fiscal management in both the short term and long term. ICBC, a Crown Corporation has a monopoly position with basic insurance and a dominate position in general. With this great power comes both responsibility and opportunity. The BC Auto Glass Alliance is thankful to be able to assist in both areas.

In the upcoming days, weeks, and months the BCAGA will provide additional facts to the public, the media, the Board of Directors of ICBC, and Government to ensure that this situation is not swept under the carpet.

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