“Our biggest issue is with the OEM parts and the administrative burden”

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Our biggest issue is with the OEM parts and the administrative burden that has been put on my secretary. The amount of work required for ICBC claims is ridiculous for how much we get paid. We need to hire another secretary just to cover times while they’re on the phone calling dealerships to see an ETA on a part, or a price because ICBC hasn’t bothered to list it in their system. Not to mention the amount of photos and work needed for the claim itself. There should be an administrative labour rate on claims to afford the extra workload. Just this morning in the last 2 hours our secretary has had to call the dealership 4 times! Half the time the dealerships are too busy to answer the phone and don’t return phone calls because they know we’re just calling to get an ETA and not to actually order anything.  This is a game of time wasting for us. I can imagine the burden this has also put on parts employees at dealerships. I’ve tried calling and talking to ICBC, and they don’t care. We HAVE to do this and we don’t have the time or the manpower for it. We want to support you guys 100% in fighting for us, especially us little, family owned operations. Labour rates at mechanic shops are well over $100 an hour paid out by ICBC, why do we only get $54.03/hour?!?! This is outrageous. What can we do to help you help us?

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Thank you very much for your email. You did a great job describing the new reality for most shops. May we post your email, without your name?

Please stay tuned to BCAGA. Since most of the politicians are on vacation right now we are taking this time to prepare a solid strategy for September.  We plan to hit the ground running in early September.

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The BCAGA is pleased to announce that we have retained the services of Michael Geoghegan of Michael Geoghegan Consulting. Michael is a registered lobbyist and government relations specialist, with plenty of experience in these types of matters. He is a highly informed individual and we feel fortunate that he has agreed to work with us. Michael will be acting for the BCAGA as our consultant and as our ICBC, media and government contact.

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“British Columbia can potentially have the safest roads in North America”


It is clearly the responsibility of the Crown Corporation, ICBC, under the oversight of a Board of Directors and the Government of BC to ensure the safety of British Columbians. The Automotive Glass Industry replaces a vital safety component within the vehicle – your windshield. Within the Province of BC, we have highly skilled and trained Government Certified Installers that can perform this work. The windshield provides structural integrity to the vehicle in the event of a rollover accident and the windshield also acts as a backstop for the airbag, ensuring that the airbag will position correctly when deployed. In addition to this, by 2020 vehicle manufactures will require an Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) to qualify for a 5 Star Safety rating and 1 out of every 4 vehicles will be equipped with ADAS by then. It is estimated that by 2025, 49% of all vehicles will have this technology.
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Insurance Companies around the world have and are conducting studies into this technology. The data and facts are; this technology saves lives, and it eliminates and reduces injuries and accidents. A clear majority of these systems are connected to the windshield and a replacement of the windshield requires a skilled trades person to perform the work. In addition to the installation process, the recalibration of the ADAS system itself is crucial. *** Being the only jurisdiction in North America that has Government Certified Auto Glass Installers, with ICBC being a Crown Corporation in both a monopoly and dominant market position – British Columbia can potentially have the safest roads in North America.

The BC Auto Glass Alliance will make this common public knowledge. Our Industry, with the Government and ICBC have a responsibility to ensure the safety of British Columbians.

The responsibility is obvious and undeniable. The opportunity should also be clear to all parties involved but as not to assume the obvious, the facts are as follows. ICBC has recently suffered significant losses and has now for several years been unable to control expenses regarding bodily injury, and loss of life claims. The BCAGA is not able to investigate the specifics into the losses. However, it is very simple math to recognize that if a vehicle has an ADAS system and is 38% less likely to be in an accident that this technology will save ICBC money, and most importantly it will save lives!

The fact is, if windshields and back-glasses throughout the Province of BC are replaced by Government Certified Installers our roads will be safer and there will be a reduction in accidents. As the technology becomes even more mainstream the benefit only grows. The BCAGA recognizes that this is a win for the public; it is a win for ICBC; it is a win for the Government of BC; and our Industry is fortunate to have Government Certified Installers able to perform such a vital and skilled job.

What is unfortunate is ICBC, through it’s dominant market position, and fiscal mismanagement, has supressed the door rate (labour rate) of this vital Government certified Skilled Trade. The Auto Glass Industry is predominately made up of Independent Auto Glass Shops throughout the Province. The positive being these small business owners employ a skilled position, and provide gainful and fulfilling employment to these individuals. They are members of the community and have been part of the economic engine of the Province of BC. The negative being this group of business owners is an easy target in comparison to other entities and sectors under the umbrella of ICBC. This has allowed ICBC to suppress the door rate now going back over 20 years. This has resulted in a critical shortage of individuals in the trade, as business owners have attempted to remain profitable within the framework of operating a business under these conditions.

The BCAGA believes that the NDP Government, and the board of Directors not only have the power and authority to intervene BUT can champion and partner with the BCAGA to ensure that these business owners, Government Certified Skilled trades people, and the Industry as a whole is able to recognize the responsibility and opportunity that exists today. This can be accomplished by a strategic investment into the Auto Glass Industry, fulfilling the promises of job creation in the Trades, Safety first, and investing in BC. The BC Auto Glass Alliance is steadfast in it’s belief that, armed with the facts, the Government, and ICBC will make the necessary investment and operational changes required.

The BCAGA is confident that, with the support of Government and ICBC, the financial investments required to purchase equipment for recalibrating ADAS systems, and to recruit and hire for this Government Certified trade, will be made possible on a go forward basis. The alternative is irresponsible and unacceptable. It will result in very predictable outcomes. To reiterate the NDP and Board of Directors at ICBC have the power and authority to act. ICBC is in a dominate position and can ultimately work with the Auto Glass Industry to save lives and money. The industry itself have Government Certified Auto Glass Installers and an Industry led program with training, development, and audit capacities. The simple facts are the current situation should not exist and it is not only imperative, but also the responsibility of Government to intervene and act appropriately. The BCAGA will facilitate this process and ensure that both the gravity of the situation as well as the time sensitive nature is understood.

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Our Sad Reality


ICBC currently pays its Glass Express suppliers $54.03/hour and the industry has not seen any significant increase in more than 20 years! This is an absolute outrage in itself, yet ICBC and Government didn’t even bat an eye in introducing a further 20-30% cut to the industry. Glass shops in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where the cost of living and doing business is MUCH lower, now get paid substantially more than what shops in BC get paid. Also, these Provinces don’t have Government Certified Technicians like we do here in BC. The pay rate for a Certified Auto Glass Technician is $22-28/hour. A knowledgeable office person is paid 18-24/hour. Add the additional costs such as EI, CPP, WCB, stat holidays, upcoming payroll tax and employee benefits, and shops are losing money on labour! It is common knowledge that there is a skills shortage in the Province of BC. Try recruiting apprentices for a trade in which the apprentice will start out at less than $18/hr and “top out” at only $28/hour, and not until they have many years of experience. It’s practically impossible! Even worse, more and more Certified Auto Glass Technicians are making the choice to leave the Auto Glass trade to pursue other career choices because at $54.03/hour their employers simply cannot afford to give them a raise. The auto glass industry is in deep trouble and this poses a big risk to the driving public!

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The BCAGA has heard that recently, employees at ICBC got a raise equivalent to the increase in the minimum wage and that with every future minimum wage increase they will get further raises. This is in addition to the 2% increases provided for in their contract. How nice for them.

David Eby has stated “ICBC recognized that it must also update other outdated policies and improve fairness for industry.  That is why—for the first time in more than eight years—ICBC increased the allowances it pays suppliers for wheel alignment and alloy wheel repair, bringing them in line with industry standard.” The BCAGA will be calling on ICBC and Mr Eby to bring the door rate for the Auto Glass Industry “in line with industry standards.”[1] Residential and Commercial glass companies charge $135/hour in some regions. These installations are not nearly as technical as an auto glass installation; and typically, an incorrect installation will not pose a risk to public safety. The minimum wage in BC 20 years ago was $7.15/hour. The current minimum wage is $12.65/hour. This is a 77% increase over 20 years for minimum wage workers. Surely, the Auto Glass industry, who employ highly skilled, government certified workers who keep the motoring public safe, should be entitled to, at the very least, this much of an increase? It’s time for ICBC and Government to quit compromising public safety and bring the Auto Glass Industry’s labour rate “in line with industry standards”.

“Union workers on the $1.4-billion Pattullo Bridge replacement project will get a guaranteed two per cent wage increase each year until 2024”

“The labour deal is estimated to boost total Pattullo costs by seven per cent, or almost $100 million.” 

“The wage provisions mean, for example, a journeyman industrial mechanic would earn $43.65 per hour this year in wages, plus $8.56 in benefits. That would rise to $49.16 by 2024, plus $9.64 in benefits. A journeyman electrician would start at $39.31 an hour this year, plus $8.07 in benefits, and rise to $44.27 by 2024 with $9.08 in benefits.”

“Everyone knows there’s a growing skill shortage in our province, and what this will do is enable a concentrated focus on training skilled trades and women and Indigenous (workers).” - Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.


This news is such a hypocritical slap in the face to the taxpayers of British Columbia and the Auto Glass Industry. John Horgan and his Government preach about “fair wages”. They also preach about “building a strong, sustainable, innovative economy that works for everyone”. Apparently, what he really means is “everyone, except the small businesses who provide services to ICBC and keep the BC motoring public safe.”

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